Project Overview

Oak Creek’s Water and Sewer Utility’s Sewer Rehabilitation Plan will be starting March 13th.  The type of work that will be performed includes physically excavating the ground/road to expose the problematic area, repair, back fill and restore the area accordingly. Pavement restoration of areas should take place within a day or two, however final restoration of the vegetative areas may be at a later date in accordance with the average growing season. Due to the nature of the work we cannot estimate exactly how many days it will take to do the work in each area or give exact dates that they will start, therefore, as the project commences and moves from one area to the next we will try to get notice to customers as soon as possible.

Contractor:                                   Advance Construction

Construction Coordinator:          Seth Ricker    (414) 570-8200 ext. 38

Utility Engineer:                            Ron Pritzlaff  (414) 570-8200 ext. 24


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(Click Map for Enlarged View and Details)