Project No.: 17105

Utility Engineer: Ron Pritzlaff  (414) 570-8200 ext. 24

Construction Coordinator: Seth Ricker    (414) 570-8200 ext. 38

Bid Date: 11/10/2017

Start Date: 3/26/2018

Completion Date: 6/1/2018









April 25: South Wayland Drive and South Redwood Lane


April 24: E. Marquette Avenue

W. Rawson Ave. west of S. 22nd Street


April 23: Oak Creek Estates


April 18: S. Reinhardt Dr.


April 17: S. Reinhardt Dr.

April 16: W. Marquette Ave. (100 Block near S. Howell Ave.)

S. Chicago Rd. Hwy 32 (10500 Block)

E. Maple St.


April 12: S. 5th Ave. (9100 Block)

S. 11th Ave. (8700 & 8800 Block)


April 11: E. High St.


April 10: S. Logan Ave. (7600 Block)

E. American Ave. (3800 Block) & (Intersection of American and S. Chicago Rd. (HWY 32))


April 6: Between S. Ventana Dr. and S. Liberty Ln. in grass area


April 5: W. Virginia Pl.


April 4: Lining Operations will be taking place on Patricia Blvd between E. Bonnie Drive and Carol Court.


April 3: A.M. E. Drexel Ave

P.M. E. Maple Street


April 2: A.M. E. Bonnie Dr.

P.M. - South Carol Ct.




March 30: 5th Ave between High Street and Maple


March 29: 5th Ave just North of American Ave.


March 28: A.M. - High Street West of 5th Ave

                                P.M. - American Ave at 8th Ave


March 27: A.M. - E.  Bonnie Drive at S. Patricia Blvd

P.M. - 11th Ave north of E. Bonnie Drive


March 26: A.M.- Marquette West of Howell

                                P.M.- S. Logan Ave north of E. Manitowoc Ave.