Project No.: 17105

Utility Engineer: Ron Pritzlaff  (414) 570-8200 ext. 24

Construction Coordinator: Seth Ricker    (414) 570-8200 ext. 38

Bid Date: 11/10/2017

Start Date: 3/26/2018

Completion Date: 6/1/2018









May 24-25: TBD


May 23: Install liner under Ryan Road, west of railroad overpass


May 22: Install liner under Rawson Avenue, west of S. Howell Avenue


May 21: Prep on Rawson Avenue west of S. Howell Avenue

Deliver matts to Abendschein Park


Because of inclement weather work slated for the week of May 14 was pushed back to next week.


May 7: Monday through Thursday lining of existing sewer on 10th Avenue.  Visu Sewer will continue to communicate with residents.




April 25: South Wayland Drive and South Redwood Lane


April 24: E. Marquette Avenue

W. Rawson Ave. west of S. 22nd Street


April 23: Oak Creek Estates


April 18: S. Reinhardt Dr.


April 17: S. Reinhardt Dr.

April 16: W. Marquette Ave. (100 Block near S. Howell Ave.)

S. Chicago Rd. Hwy 32 (10500 Block)

E. Maple St.


April 12: S. 5th Ave. (9100 Block)

S. 11th Ave. (8700 & 8800 Block)


April 11: E. High St.


April 10: S. Logan Ave. (7600 Block)

E. American Ave. (3800 Block) & (Intersection of American and S. Chicago Rd. (HWY 32))


April 6: Between S. Ventana Dr. and S. Liberty Ln. in grass area


April 5: W. Virginia Pl.


April 4: Lining Operations will be taking place on Patricia Blvd between E. Bonnie Drive and Carol Court.


April 3: A.M. E. Drexel Ave

P.M. E. Maple Street


April 2: A.M. E. Bonnie Dr.

P.M. - South Carol Ct.




March 30: 5th Ave between High Street and Maple


March 29: 5th Ave just North of American Ave.


March 28: A.M. - High Street West of 5th Ave

                                P.M. - American Ave at 8th Ave


March 27: A.M. - E.  Bonnie Drive at S. Patricia Blvd

P.M. - 11th Ave north of E. Bonnie Drive


March 26: A.M.- Marquette West of Howell

                                P.M.- S. Logan Ave north of E. Manitowoc Ave.