September 30, 2003

Wisconsin Water Association cites treatment plant manager  
Operator Meritorious Award identifies contributions to pursuit of safe water

OAK CREEK – September 30, 2003 – Oak Creek Water Treatment Plant Manager Patrick Francis was recognized as the Operator Meritorious for Wisconsin at the Wisconsin Water Association (WWA) annual meeting held in Middleton last week.

“Pat Francis received this award for his commitment and leadership to continuously providing safe drinking water,” said WWA Chairman James Chaffee. “Proof of his dedication shows in the numerous times the Oak Creek Water and Sewer Utility has been recognized over the years at the national and local levels.”

A 28-year veteran of the water and sewer utility, Francis received the award for leading the utility’s involvement in the national Partnership for Safe Water Program, a program developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and American Water Works Association.

The partnership’s goal is to provide a new measure of safety to millions of Americans by implementing prevention programs where legislation or regulation does not exist. The preventative measures are based on optimizing treatment plant performance to increase protection against microbial contamination in America's drinking water supply.

Additional areas of accomplishment cited in Francis’s nomination:

·         Continuous compliance with public health standards

·         Outstanding contribution to plant maintenance

·         Development of more effective, efficient water treatment processes

·         Special efforts made to train treatment plant operators

·         Consistent and outstanding operation and maintenance contributions.

The Oak Creek Water and Sewer Utility produces some of the highest quality drinking water in the nation. Always seeking new ways to improve, utility employees conduct thousands of water quality tests annually to ensure the cleanest, safest drinking water possible flows to customers. In fact, the utility tests nearly three times more than the 970 quality controls required by government regulations. The utility is proud to announce its water meets and exceeds all federal and state drinking water health standards.


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